While I am a graphic designer by trade, I often find myself being immersed in new experiences that are either loosely related to design, or not at all. All of these experiences inspire my work to be authentic and human. Whether these experiences relate to art through my printmaking practices, or being an active advocate for human rights and social activist, I find that I am learning about myself and others all the time. 

In the spring of 2015, I decided that a printmaking minor was the right choice for my creative growth. This was a surprise to myself, and those close to me, as I had entered college with the intent of creating work for the digital realm; I entered college to become a UI designer but found myself quickly falling in love with analog processes of creation. My experience as a printmaker has provided a vast amount of insight into who I am as a person—who I am deep in my core. I was never really one to put myself outside of my comfort zone unless I had to. Through printmaking, I found myself facing challenges that provided discomfort. These challenges pushed me and allowed me to evolve—I became increasingly self-reliant and willing to experiment and learn through failure. 

This ultimately influenced my creative process. I face design challenges head-on as a result of becoming an independent thinker. The exploration into the depths of my mind expanded the breadth of which I am able to solve problems while keeping in mind the way I visually communicate ideas and concepts. 

Such an introspective practice has also provided a great amount of empathy. Our current social events cannot be described as anything less than confusing, chaotic, and volatile. While so many amazing things have taken place in the last few years—such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, more minorities being voted into office, and real change happening at a grassroots level—there seems to always be some negative force attempting to dilute these victories. As designers, I feel we have the social obligation to create work that improves the lives of those that interact with it. Whether these designs improve lives through elevating mental outlooks or communicating love and acceptance, I view my role as a designer imperative to making the world a better place. 

While I hold my design practice to high standards, I never place it above being human; design may be an ephemeral institution but visual language and culture transcend time with lasting effects on the way others perceive the world. While a piece of typography or imagery might seem minuscule compared to affronts to human rights, being able to utilize social sensitivities allows the designs I produce to be accessible to all human beings. Deep thought, empathy, and an affinity for humanity guide my creative process in ways that would be impossible without being an active member of society and social movements. 

If you’d like to learn more about me, my work, or other things I am passionate about feel free to contact me
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